Today, on December 16, political consultations between Turkmenistan and the United States of America continued in the format of a video conference.

In particular, the meeting participants discussed humanitarian issues. Turkmenistan actively cooperates with the United States on issues related to human rights and maintains an open dialogue in this area.

The delegation of Turkmenistan headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs R. Meredov presented a detailed overview of the measures taken in the country to protect and maintain human rights and freedoms, taking into account the national and cultural characteristics of the country. Particular emphasis is placed on respecting rights at work in accordance with international labor standards and in cooperation with the International Labor Organization.

During the meeting, the practical actions of Turkmenistan to ensure freedom of religion and other fundamental human rights were reflected. Specific examples of socio-economic and legal reforms carried out in the country were given. The importance of the Interdepartmental Commission on ensuring Turkmenistan’s compliance with international obligations in the area of human rights and international humanitarian law was emphasized.

In addition, Turkmenistan closely cooperates with international and regional structures in countering the threats and challenges of our time, including the fight against human trafficking.

During the political consultations, educational and cultural ties were also discussed. The parties exchanged views on expanding the range of cultural cooperation, including the protection and rational use of cultural and historical heritage sites.